About Me

Mark PageMy name is Mark Page and I am 30 years old and live in Belleville, Illinois. I am able to do more than just design websites. I can offer innovative ideas combined with creative solutions to produce only the highest quality websites and/or photographs. With over 15 years of industry experience in web design and coding I am able to meet and exceed your online business needs. Every design is developed with search engines in mind to ensure that your site’s code will be search engine friendly, compact, and successful. I only use state of the art technology and software combined with creativity and skill to deliver a site that will get your business noticed online.

In today’s global business world it is important to have a friend in the industry you can trust for your online success. I am able to provide an ongoing relationship with your website and online business since I live in the area and work with the internet for a living. I personally commit to handling all of your website and online marketing needs including Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per Click Advertising and email blast marketing. I can also offer online Press Releases to get your business name known on the web and custom photography that I will incorporate into your site. My experience encompasses businesses of all sizes and types through not only the country but the world. I am able to customize a site for any industry that will be sure to make your online presence truly noticeable and sticks out from your competition. I always strive to develop a functional and user friendly site that will work for your specific industry needs.

About My Mascot

Our Penguin Mascot Caldwell

Meet my penguin mascot Caldwell. He was born in 2010 as an addition to my websites branding. He’s a penguin because along with myself, everyone loves them and I personally haven’t met a person yet that says they don’t like them either.

Branding is an integral part of any online store/business. When thinking of any major company or corporation, most people typically think of their logos or mascots. Target, AT&T, McDonalds, NewEgg all use effective branding techniques throughout their stores, websites, products, mailers and everything else you can think of.