Top 3 Things To Get Results With A Web Design Company

Posted by markpage on Thursday Nov 17, 2011 Under Business Articles

Top 3 Things To Get Results With Your Web Design CompanyEveryone now has heard how easy it is to start a business online. After trying to start your own website and not receiving any visitors the first year, most business owners look for a website designer to help them make money online.  Don’t worry this article is here to help you get the biggest bang for your buck since your first professional web design can be scary even though it shouldn’t be.

With each year passing the percentage of people who connect to the internet becomes larger. With this, the amount of competition will grow online so the sooner you get your foot in the door, the better off your business will do online in the future. The vast amount of money that is being spent every year online is driving more and more people to become entrepreneurs and have website built to try and dip into the pot. Keep in mind that your website is a direct reflection of your business, if your website is homemade or thrown together visitors will be less likely to trust your business. A professional web designer will know what it takes to correctly lay out a website and make it user friendly.

Since almost everyone with internet access uses the web to research and purchase products every day. Some online business depend 100% on advertising online and without it they probably wouldn’t exist. Even if your business will not depend on all of its business coming from the website, it can be surprising how much extra revenue the internet can bring you. A professional website designer will be able to provide you with a visually striking and user friendly site that will entice visitors to use your business. Keep in mind that what you pay for a website will typically reflect the quality of website you will receive. If a building contractor told you it would take $5,000 to replace the furnace in your house and another guy came along and said he can do it for $500, who would you trust? Generally lower priced websites are either outsourced to web designers in other countries outside of the US or the website designer is fresh out of school and therefore might not fully understand the impact the small things can make when it comes to marketing your website online.

Make Sure You Explain All of Your Expectations Up Front

Be Up Front About ExpectationsHaving worked with hundreds of clients, I cannot stress this step enough. When the web design company isn’t notified in the beginning about what the expectations and requirements are with the website the website always falls short of what the business owner originally imagined. This is of course not fun for anyone and is not what web design companies want to happen. This can also wind up causing a change of the original quote and cost hundreds if not thousands more than originally estimated. A change in the original quote can also change in the middle of the project if the clients ideas have changed from what they originally wanted.

Supplying example websites to the web design company always helps. You can choose a small handful of websites that you really like the look and feel of to help show your web designer what it is that you are looking for. Having too many web site examples can some time cloud the direction so usually 2-3 website are fine. These website also do not have to be within your industry, if you sell coins it’s ok to like Wal-Mart’s website.

Keep Track of Your Own Project

Keep Track of Your Own ProjectYou can pay a company to do everything for you so you can have a fully furnished website created for you while you focus on other areas of your business. But most of the time this is not the case and most business owners want a hand in the website design process.

Keeping your project on time is important because sometimes you might slip through the cracks because you’re usually not the only customer the web designer is working with. During the web site development process you will be able to request changes at the correct times to save money and time. You will also be able to test out the website to make sure it functions how you envisioned it to.

Most web design companies and even freelance website designers will be able to give you a timeline for the different phases of your project. This will make sure that your website is completed in a timely manner.

Beta Test Your Website Before Launching It

Beta Test Your WebsiteBefore you finish up the project with your web design company make at least one good go through of your website to make sure that everything works correctly and that all of the information you provided has been included. If you find issues down the road this can make you to run into additional charges since you have already approved of the design and signed off on it. After your website has been reviewed and you’re ready to launch it request a copy of your website design files (developer files used to create the design and graphics, along with all code files) on a disk but most web design companies will charge you a fee for this.

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