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Website Redesign in St. Louis, MO.Are you looking for a Website Redesign in Carondelet, St. Louis, MO area? Is your website design old and stale? I have been redesigning websites for well over a dozen years and can bring a new, fresh look to your website that will be user friendly and most of all, convert visitors to customers.

Why Do I Need A Website Redesign?

This is a great question to ask yourself and the answer is pretty simple. Every couple of years the internet evolves into a whole new beast and if your website hasn’t been renovated in the past few years, your visitors are most likely finding their way to your competitor’s website. Redesigning your website is very important and it should be done every 3-5 years to make sure you’re on top of the current market. If your website has been the same for 10 or more years, why would you think that any tech savvy visitor would want to figure out how your website works or get lost within it? It’s the same as asking someone, which one is nicer, the 1980 Honda Civic or 2012 Honda Civic?

When it comes to computers and the internet, they both move at the speed of light and if it wasn’t for constant change it would have died years ago. Keeping things new and fresh is what draws people back in and it will do the same for your website. Drawing visitors to your site is one thing, but converting them to customers is a whole different beast.

What I can do is go through your website and your business model with you and figure out what the best direction is to go with your website. Or if you already know which direction you would like to go to, then you can speak to me about it and we can work together on your project to give you exactly what it is that you are looking for.

Website Redesign Example

Website Redesign in Metro. St. Louis, MO.

How Long Does A Website Redesign Take?

It varies of course like any website project. But having all of the content already on the website and moving it over to the new design takes a fraction of the time that a full website takes from the ground up. So if you have a 10 page website and wanted to have it redesigned but you want to keep all of the text and images the same within the content area then it only takes a few days and up to 2 weeks to complete typically. If the project is pretty strait forward your new design could be online before you know it.

If you let me look at your current website and let me know what you need, I can give you a very accurate time frame for the new design to be ready. You can contact me either by giving me a call at the phone number at the top of the website, or you can always shoot me an email on my contact page.

Website Redesign Timeline

Website Design Timeline