Wedding Photographer in Carondelet, St. Louis, MO

Wedding Photographer in Belleville, IllinoisFinding a Wedding Photographer in Carondelet, St. Louis, MO can be quite difficult because of all the competition. I know that something must make a photographer stand out among everyone else, but with the experience that I have with over ten years experience, I can help the photographs of your most important day because the talk of your family for generations to come.

Most photography companies hire interns that know every much about angle and composition. With my services you can be assured with your wedding, your photos are just as important as the photos that were taken the day of my own marriage. You will be treated like family to make sure that your photos will be appreciated by your family and yourself for generations to come. As you have appreciated your parents and grandparents wedding photographs, you should appreciate yours.

After taking all of the photos on your wedding day, I will supply you with an online gallery of the photographs that I took and you can choose (depending on the package you have chosen) which photos that you would like me to retouch (photoshop) and I will gladly make sure that those photos will look beautiful after you print them.