Logo Design – Before & After

Looking for someone who can make some awesome Before & After Logo Designs? Many times older companies have logos that need to be reworked because advertising is a constantly evolving beast. This is where a designer like myself can help. I can bring your business back to life and into the 21st century.  If you are in need of my services please feel free to view my contact page and I will gladly speak to you about your needs.

Crowder & Scoggins

The Law Firm Crowder & Scoggins based in Columbia, Illinois had a logo that was created quite a few years ago by a local web design company. The logo was placed on their website but no logo files were ever given to them and the design company could not produce a usable logo file. Crowder & Scoggins then came to me with the issue and asked me to recreate their logo. Below is what the old web design company gave to the client and the after picture is the finalized logo that I created for them.

Logo Design - Before & After - Crowder & Scoggins

Clarence Waggoner

Clarence Waggoner owns a mom & pop remodeling company and he was had a logo that was very small and pixilated, so he couldn’t advertise with the impact that he wanted in the YellowPages. He contacted me and asked if I could take a look at his logo and see if I could redesign it. After a quick glace I knew the work would be a fun challenge and accepted the project. Below is the before logo that was supplied to me and the finalized logo I created.

Logo Design - Before & After - Clarence Waggoner

Effinger Garden Center

Effinger Garden Center had a logo that they’ve used for years in the YellowPages and gardening magazines. I spoke with them about what they were looking for and added a little more splash of color by adding a pond look around the pussy willows. The top version is what they had been using for many years and the lower version is what they now use in all of their advertising.

Logo Design - Before & After - Effinger Garden

Texas Star Party

Texas Star Party is a non-profit company from Texas that promotes Astronomy through many different means and has a collective of members who are all armature astronomers. They had a logo from many years ago and needed it to be updated so they could add it to their new website. I was given the black and white photo below and created the logo below with the guidance of the customer.

Logo Design - Before & After - Texas Star Party