Search Engine Submission

Search Engine SubmissionSearch Engine Submission is very important when it comes to trying to be found within search engines online. After a website is built its pretty much in the middle of nowhere and nobody knows it even exists. Using a simple service such as my Search Engine Submission service, I will add your website to a multitude of search engines and at that point they will start to grade your site and you can then monitor through analytics the keywords or key phrases you are being found under.

The difference between my service and other automated services, is that I do everything by hand. This is the way that search engines want you to submit your website, having an automated service submit your website is actually a violation of everyone search engines Terms Of Service (TOS). I will submit your website by hand to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Sure, there are thousands of other search engines, but all of those other search engines combined make up less than 1% of all searches on the internet.

Search Engine Submission

How Often Do I Need Search Engine Submission?

Only once and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, they’re in it for the money. A lot of companies send spam emails and advertise all over the internet calling their service Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but in all actuality they are Search Engine Submission companies who never touch your site and only submit you to search engines. With my service, I will submit you once and only once, if you try and submit your website more than just the once it can actually hurt your overall rankings and not improve them.

Google and other likeminded search engines don’t like to be spammed. If you try and tell them over and over again to look at your website, they’re going to think you’re spamming them and eventually they will ignore you and hurt your rankings. I’m only here to help and never to hurt anyone.

Search Engine Submission Price

I will submit your website to the top 4 search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing & Ask) by hand for only $100. This is a one time fee and I can complete this service no matter who built your website or where you are located. Don’t pay the other guys every month for them to resubmit your website, they’re only going to hurt and never help. If you have any questions or would like me to complete my service using your website, you can always give me a call at the phone number at the top of the website or you can contact me via email through my contact page.