Baby Photographer in Carondelet, St. Louis, MO

It’s convenient to have a Baby Photographer in Carondelet, St. Louis, MO that can come to you. Having a baby is one of the most blessed and important days in two people’s lives so having photos of your miracle can’t be pushed aside.

Since I do not have a studio, it’s easy for me to come to you and bring some clean sheets and blankets to give contrast, or if you would like you can choose some sheets and blankets of your own to use. I always suggest during times of great weather, having outdoor photo shoots will bring magnificent backdrops and colors to the photos.

Any props should be washed before the photo shoot because the camera will pick up every imperfection such as a stray hair or dust. If the photo shoot will be outdoors props may not be needed.

If you have any questions or one of the packages below does not fit exactly what you need, I am more than willing to work with you to make sure you are able to have wonderful photos of your baby for the rest of your lives.

Baby Photography Examples

Baby Photographer