East West Insurance Case Study

East West Insurance Business Card

East West Insurance had advertised in the local yellow pages for many years and after little success, they saw the need to have a website created. After I was referred to them from a previous customer, I went to their location and met with the owner. We spoke about everything they expected and what was needed to complete their website. They expressed to me that they needed photography, content to be developed as well as the website design needed to be created.

I started off by speaking for an hour or so with the owner to find out the history and what needed to be portrayed within the website. After getting a good idea, I started writing and when completed I emailed it to the owner. He then had a few suggestions for term changes and then I made those changes and added it inside of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and designed a minimalist, professional web interface that would work well with all types of people, including visitors who don’t use the internet very often.

After integrating the design and text into WordPress, I sent a link to the owner and he approved of the job and the website went live.

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